zumbar coffee and tea
Achieving this level of quality is a dynamic process. Objective yet creative, we take a craftsman's approach - steeped in folk-tradition as well as deductive experimentation. The cornerstone of our method is a age-old roasting style; gradually, we have incorporated our own firsthand experience.

From green to brown, coffee beans make a dramatic transformation while roasting; understanding this change is key to our technique. However, it is the hard fought wisdom of how style, product and equipment work together that elevates our finished product. Using a vintage, cast-iron coffee roaster, we balance time, temperature, and airflow as we coax the coffee beans through this process. Constantly developing our skill and experience, we have created a technique that is inherently unique. And, just as a cat purrs or a bee buzzes, there is a distinct sense the our coffee tastes the way coffee - done right - should taste.