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10920 Roselle St #106
San Diego, CA 92121


Zumbar Coffee & Tea is a boutique coffee roaster in San Diego.  We have retail cafes in Sorrento Valley and in Cardiff.  The quality of the beans we source and our artisan approach allows Zumbar to craft some of the finest coffees in Southern California.




Buying green coffee from producers across the globe is quite an involved process; in fact, it’s its own profession. As a small roaster/retailer, we have found success in sourcing quality green coffee by working with experienced, professional brokers who evaluate green coffee day in and day out, year after year. The brokers that we choose to do business with are reputable as well as involved in sustainability projects at coffee growing origins. A combination of broker recommendations as well as our own sensory analysis shape our final buying decisions.



From green to brown, coffee beans make a dramatic transformation while roasting; understanding this change is key to our technique. However, it is the hard fought wisdom of how style, product and equipment work together that elevates our finished product. Our goal is to present the intrinsic character of each coffee in a straightforward and enjoyable manner. Alongside flavors as wild as lavender or fig, we want our coffee to simply taste rich and sweet with a pleasant aftertaste. Using a vintage, cast ­iron coffee roaster, we balance time, temperature, and airflow as we coax the coffee beans through the roast process. We pay special attention to the details of each batch, realizing that each time we drop green beans into the roasting drum, we have an opportunity to create unrivaled excellence. Constantly developing our skill and experience, we have created a technique that is inherently unique. 



The cafe is where our customers come to enjoy our work… and also where our passionate staff invest themselves in that work. Our company was founded on the simple premise of “getting the basics right”, and we practice what we preach: brewing french press coffee and pulling espressos in classic ristretto ­style. Using top of the line equipment and keeping a simple menu, we put the utmost care and attention to detail in each and every cup. Day to day it is this care-­focused and detail-oriented approach that we expand and improve upon, in turn making the customer’s experience and cup of coffee unparalleled.