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10920 Roselle St #106
San Diego, CA 92121


Zumbar Coffee & Tea is a boutique coffee roaster in San Diego.  We have retail cafes in Sorrento Valley and in Cardiff.  The quality of the beans we source and our artisan approach allows Zumbar to craft some of the finest coffees in Southern California.


Our Organization

Entry-Level Café Attendant:

Our entry-level café role plays a fundamental part in smooth café operations.  This role is tasked with brewing French Press coffee, steeping teas, and keeping our shops clean and stocked - all of which play a crucial part in our success.

Production Assistant:

Primarily focused on packaging bulk coffee, maintaining equipment and quality control, our production assistants make a large contribution to the consistency and quality of our finished product.


Our baristas are the anchor of the operation, representing the finished product and all of our staff's hard work. Commanding a depth of coffee knowledge, having the ability to pull exacting and delicious shots of espresso, and maintaining a smooth customer flow highlight some important aspects of this engaging role.


Through proprietary roasting techniques, ZUMBAR’s coffee roasters transform our raw, green beans into the delicious coffee that keeps our customers coming back.  Involved in everything from green coffee selections to perfecting each roast profile, our coffee roasters are instrumental in creating excellence in our product offerings.

Shift Manager:

Our shift managers are responsible for the integrity of our product and its presentation from the start to finish of each shift.  They are well-versed in company culture and operations, and they have a deep understanding of how each customer should experience their visit to our cafés.


ZUMBAR’s managers hold the important job of keeping our business operating correctly day in and day out.  Hiring and training, finding new equipment and maintaining old equipment, our managers set the standard for our operations and hold us accountable to those standards.