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10920 Roselle St #106
San Diego, CA 92121


Zumbar Coffee & Tea is a boutique coffee roaster in San Diego.  We have retail cafes in Sorrento Valley and in Cardiff.  The quality of the beans we source and our artisan approach allows Zumbar to craft some of the finest coffees in Southern California.


Coffee Roaster

ZUMBAR Coffee & Tea is a fast-paced, quality focused café, run by a passionate and knowledgeable staff.  We are seeking candidates for Coffee Roaster.

Involved in everything from green coffee selections to perfecting each roast profile, our Coffee Roasters are instrumental in creating excellence in our product offerings.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Roast and blend coffees following strict protocols for correct operation of roasting equipment
  • Assess roasted coffee stock levels
  • Tally online, retail and wholesale orders to create daily roast schedule
  • Prepare green coffee and roasting software for daily roast activity
  • Package coffee for retail, online & wholesale orders
  • Maintain & clean roasting equipment
  • Stock and rotate green coffee
  • Communicate with Production Manager, Support Person, and Cafe Management regarding available coffee origins and quantities
  • Evaluate green coffee samples through cupping
  • Evaluate production roasts through cupping samples and tasting cafe offerings
  • Analyze roast profiles with production manager and other roasters


  • Previous coffee industry experience preferred

General Skills

  • Demonstrates professionalism and respect for customers, management, and co-workers
  • Performs job duties with care; is mindful and thorough
  • Able to multitask and remain composed under pressure
  • Takes personal responsibility for café operations
  • Communicates comfortably and competently with customers and co-workers
  • Works well in a team setting
  • Capable of learning, retaining and communicating product information with confidence